Practical IT boot camp improving Tanzanian women’s chances for employment

NOD Shared Space February 16, 2016 11:30 - 12:00

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Malin Cronqvist

Help to Help is a foundation aiming to create conditions for positive change in developing countries by contributing to education and job creation. The Help to Help concept is made up of two steps that are equally important in the chain to create long-term developments in the society.

Firstly, Help to Help sponsor university and college education for young people in Tanzania because we believe the country needs its own teachers, engineers, doctors and lawyers. We raise money to cover the student’s school fees through our website, through events and through close partnerships with companies. We always aim to be personal and to create engagement and transparency in our organization.

To ensure that the money invested in education does contribute to a sustainable chain of Help to Help to Help to Help.., the students we help must get employed or start their own companies in order to be able to share their knowledge and be part of developing their own society. Therefore, the second step of Help to Help’s concept is based on linking together students with future employers from the local business life.

Since 2013 Help to Help arranges workshops and employability trainings for students in our talent network A Network of Great Potential to prepare the students for the labour market and expand their professional network.